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33rd Harvest Church Anniversary 



The Harvest Church history dates to the early 80s!... With a burning passion to harvest souls, our Legacy Pastor, Bishop Shelton Bady, hosted crusades in parks

while he was just a young adult in college. People traveled from around the state and nation to hear about Jesus Christ.


With that same passion and tenacity, we have all joined together to continue that vision, harvesting thousands of souls over the last 33 years.

On September 3rd, we want to celebrate our legacy by celebrating Our church anniversary.


Our theme is Harvest Everywhere! That day, we'll recognize people who

have helped make that impact greater over the years. We want to see

everyone that day, from our founding members to our first-time visitors.

Please let everyone you know we want to see them in the building!


what to know


September 3rd, 2023


The Harvest, 17770 Imperial Valley Drive Houston, TX 77060 

Dress Code:

Formal/Black Tie


hands of harvest, history of the harvest

heart of the harvest 

hope for the harvest

hero of the harvest

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