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About Our Legacy Pastor, Bishop Shelton Bady,

BA, MBA, MA of Biblical Studies

Shelton Bady, a native of Saginaw, Michigan, grew up in a two-parent, eleven children family where strong convictions concerning the people and things of God, hard work, and integrity were cornerstone principles in shaping the fiber of his character. Evidenced today in his many commitments, these cornerstone principles are key in his role as Legacy Pastor of The Harvest (formerly Harvest Time Church), Houston, Texas; Chief Executive Officer for Harvest Time Evangelistic Center; Led The Preparation Fellowship; National/International Evangelist frequenting countries of Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, England, Honduras, Jamaica; served as a Board Member for the American Red Cross National Diversity Advisory Council for 10 years; National Mercy Ships meeting attendee; Founder of the Shelton Bady Foundation focusing on HIV/Aids, Childhood Obesity, and Poverty, Community Activist serving on North Houston Greenspoint Chamber of Commerce and other local advisory boards; television host on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and DayStar network. With such diverse roles, Shelton Bady is a multi-faceted leader who is also a father, mentor, and friend to many.

While on any given Sunday, one may hear Bishop Bady leading the congregation in the confession of Harvest Time Church’s core values, “We exist for God’s glory; Evangelism is our #1 priority”, these core values are nothing new for this inspiring man of God. Long before titles, degrees, and national pulpits and platforms, as a student at the University of Texas; Austin, Texas, Shelton Bady passionately initiated crusades in the park where he would preach the good news that Jesus saves to anyone who would listen. Crowds gathered to hear him speak and watch his signature mark exuberant dancing praise unto the Lord. That passion for souls and praising God continues to ignite the atmosphere of Harvest Time Church, located in the Greenspoint Community, where Bishop Bady challenges thousands on a weekly basis to live according to the word of God thus fulfilling vision “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord” Luke 1:17.​


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